Through the explosive visuals of a true multi-media experience, NU.TOPIA combines the wisdom of John Lennon and the iconic music of The Beatles to create a fresh and much needed new approach to the Peace Movement. The Beatles songs combined with the voice of one of the greatest artists of our time (John Lennon) create in the audience member space for a spiritual, emotional or psychological transformation.  The understanding of universal oneness can be carried into our world resulting in a more peaceful society.  NU•TOPIA aims to remind our world that all we really need is love.

Produced at The Wheeler Opera House, NU•TOPIA was done in collaboration with the University of Utah dance department lead by Melonie Buchanan Murray PhD.  NU•TOPIA features Ashley Chin-Mark portraying John Lennon.  Gregory Gonzales created the role of the everyman and his muse/higher-self was played by Amy Anderson. Both are from the Colorado Ballet. Sisters from Carbondale, CO, Elyssa and Jaqui Edgerly, are the aerialists.  Dancers from the University of Utah played our skeletons and round out the ensemble.


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2011 & 2012

Revolutions is a show that was borne out of Loren’s love for The Beatles, her respect for John Lennon, and her keen interest and understanding of how darkness functions in our world.  The Beatles released The White Album in 1968—a year of protest, love against hate, war against peace, young against old. Loren created a dynamic story by placing characters from Alice in Wonderland into the music from The White Album. The show included such songs as “Glass Onion”which featured Alice in a world of media and programming, “Bungalow Bill”—in which a man destroys the environment,  and “Piggies”a scathing commentary on Banksters. The show ultimately turned from the political to the spiritual. as ascension was  achieved through healing, forgiving, and remembering the divine spark within. 

Revolutions was produced at The Wheeler Opera House and the CMU Arts Festival in coordination with Colorado Mesa University and featured dancers and choreography from the CMU dance department. 


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The Language of Light


The Language of Light was created to send a message of divine remembrance to the planet. Loren wove a tale of ascension through the seven Chakras using dance, story, and light.

It was a marvelous melding of songs such as U2’s “City of Blinding Light,” Madonna’s “Ray of Light,” and Peter Gabriel’s live rendition of “In Your Eyes.”  This music, spoken meditation, and dance created the essence of each Chakra energy center.  These performances featured 57 dancers of all ages and stages of experience—child to professional.

The performance is about the divine stamp the Universe made upon humanity and humanities path to spiritual and cosmic maturity. A real celebration of humanities journey towards perfection.


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