Loren Wilder is an artist, entrepreneur and in-training to be an intuitive guide. Here you’ll find a catalog of her past theatrical, corporate and not-for-profit work along with her philosophical outlook and deep reverence for the value of meditation and the emerging science of consciousness.  Loren is currently studying with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence to sharpen her intuitive skills and bring more universal information into her theatrical work. Loren received a M.F.A. in Scenography from Wayne State University in 1988 before moving to the Aspen, CO area to pursue her career.

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Loren’s original theatrical work explores spiritual themes of awakening to one’s sovereign power and creating a connection with the cosmic mind by going within and expanding the heart center. Loren believes this work is crucial to assist mankind in understanding Cosmic Law and creating unity.

Her original work NU•TOPIA (2018) is billed as a rock-n-roll dance show about the inner journey to finding one’s own higher-self and guiding light.  The path of going within, Loren believes, is the only way one can discover his or her’s divine heritage and develop a relationship to All That Is, the animating force of life.

Loren’s other original work include Revolutions (2010) a look at the illuminati controlled matrix which finally gives way when mankind finds his divine inner strength and heart centered power.  The Language of Light (2008) is a journey through and a discovery of the chakra energy centers culminating in an experience of divine bliss and oneness.


“Art’s task is to save the soul of mankind and that anything less is dithering while Rome burns. Because if the artists, who are self-selected for being able to journey into the other, if the artists cannot find the way the way cannot be found”

-Terrance McKenna

As a multi-dimensional artist Loren created clothes for the Green is the New Black Fashion Show (2017) and won for Most Creative Designs. 


Loren has had the incredible opportunity to grow, experiment, develop her skills and express herself with really good gear (as a lighting designer) in an exceptionally talented and prolific theatrical community.  She has met and worked with amazing artists such as Tony Bennet, John Denver, Vince Gill, David Crosby, and Ray Charles. She has also had the good fortune to work with HBO, ABC and VH1 among other networks and events as they came and went from the borders of her small town of Aspen, CO.

As a Production Designer Loren has worked with The Aspen Institute to develop staging for The Aspen Ideas Festival, The Aspen Security Forum and The Resnick Aspen Action Forum.  Loren has led her Wilder Design team on many corporate, private and public events that are listed HERE.  To see Loren’s corporate work please visit wilderdesign.com

Example’s of Work by Loren Wilder

The Language of Light

Original Production by Loren Wilder (2008)

David Taylor choreographed “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel featuring David Taylors professional dance company.


Original Production by Loren Wilder (2010)

Choreography by Melonie Buchanan Murray to “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide ‘Cept for Me and My Monkey” by The Beatles.

The Nutcracker Suite

Backdrop design, painting and puppet by Loren Wilder

Backdrop created for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet production of The Nutcracker Suite

The Full Monty

Lighting Design by Loren Wilder 

Production by Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Directed by Alan Osbourn

Shapeshifter Drapery

Drape Design and Construction, Lighting Design by Loren Wilder 

Intelligence Squared Production presented at the Aspen District Theater

Big Fish

Lighting Design by Loren Wilder 

Production by Theater Aspen Directed by Graham Northrup in the Black Box Theater


Original Production by Loren Wilder (2018)

Choreography by James Wallace for You Never Give Me Your Money by The Beatles, dancers from University of Utah.

Romeo and Juliet

Scenic and Lighting Design by Loren Wilder 

An Aspen Santa Fe Ballet production choreographed by Tom Mossbucker.


Lighting Design by Loren Wilder

Production by Theater Aspen at Wheeler Opera House, Directed by Graham Northrup

Budweiser Four Leaf Clover

Clover Design and build by Loren Wilder

St. Patricks Day celebration art installation commissioned by the Town of Snowmass Village and the Budweiser Corporation.


Drape design and construction, Lighting Design by Loren Wilder

An Aspen Community Theater production, Directed by Wendy Moore

Fiddler on the Roof

Lighting Design by Loren Wilder 

Production by Aspen Community Theater, Directed by John Trow

Lucy's Play

Lighting and Scenic Design by Loren Wilder 

Production by Snowmass Aspen Repertory Theater. Directed by Gordon Reinhart

David Crosby with CPR

Lighting and Scenic Design by Loren Wilder 

David Crosby playing the Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, CO

Sideshow of the Absurd

Lighting Design by Loren Wilder 

Art installation by artist Pamela Joseph which traveled the country to various museums.

NU·TOPIA is by far the most gorgeously detailed, expressive and heartfelt production I have ever experienced.  I ended up crying for a good half hour after it had ended because of how deeply it moved me. Stacy Rinker, audience member

Loren’s has worked in a variety of venues that include not only the theater but  barns, museums, ballroom’s, bars, tents and high school gyms. She has  brought her skills to a variety of live events that include fashion shows (Fendi, Prada, Aspen Fashion Week), Circus’s (Cirque Du Aspen), Halloween Haunted Houses (Silver Lining Ranch, Hyatt Beaver Creek) and many weddings (including Kevin Costner’s),


Visit NU·TOPIA for more information on Loren’s original work and Wilder Design to see Loren’s business offerings.

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