Why I support the Q Movement

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Nutopia is a movement that values the truth and values humanity and values our place and time in the cosmic mind.

There are many diversions that can occupy our time here and now, many of them loaded with programming and control mechanisms.  As a courageous seeker of truth there is no looking aside when that which we see is uncomfortable, ugly or repulsive. In fact, the items that fall into these categories seem to mount and grow daily in the quest for the bottom line of our planet. Will we win the fight for the light or succumb to the insipid darkness that permeates all of our institutions, media and education systems?

In the Q movement we have hope shining.  Could be just a glimmer that will bring justice but it is truth nonetheless.  For those that insist on living a life based on ethics and freedom, Q is for you. It is essentially citizen based journalism with an army of “anons” making connections and creating narratives from these connections that in many ways cannot be denied.

It is sad time to see behind the curtain and realize how we have been lied to…not just about money or charity…but about identity politics, our divine heritage, the way our bodies actually work…simple important facts have been kept from us and we are as lamb to the slaughter if we cannot wake up en mass quite soon.




What if #Q, #QAnon and #TheGreatAwakening are Real?

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