We aim to deliver a message of hope to people that have lost their identity to political and cultural divisiveness

NU•TOPIA was produced in collaboration with The University of Utah dance department led by Melonie Buchanan Murray PhD., and graduate student James Wallace. Choreographer/lead dancer Amy Anderson was also integral to the collaborative process and outcome of the show.  NU•TOPIA features Ashley Chin-Mark, a company artist and marketing specialist with James Sewell Ballet in Minneapolis, MN.  Ashley is incredible in her portrayal of John Lennon. Gregory Gonzales and Amy Anderson are both from the Colorado Ballet and play Mr. K. and Mr. K’s Muse/Higher-Self.  Sisters Elyssa and Jaqui Edgerly from Carbondale, CO are the featured Silk and Lyra aerialists.  Dancers from The University of Utah enacted the Inner Self/Skeleton Crew. Additional dancers from the U of U Dance Department round out our beautiful and talented ensemble.


We are using our combined talents to remind people of their essential divine nature through the iconic music of The Beatles and the wisdom of John Lennon

  • Loren Wilder
    Loren Wilder Artistic Director, Creator
    Loren loves designing with light and loves telling other people about the divine light. This is her big chance to do both!
  • Amy Anderson
    Amy Anderson Choreography
    Amy is a professional dancer, teacher, mentor and simply put, a rock star. Amy is a fine choreographer which is obvious when you see her work.
  • Melonie Murray
    Melonie Murray Lead Choreography
    Melonie is with the University of Utah Dance Department and brings her talents as an incredible choreographer to our stage in Aspen. Thanks Mel!
  • Michael Burns
    Michael Burns Video Mapping, Artistic Mentor , Major Sponsor
    Michael is the owner of Colorado Audio Visual and is lending his expertise as a Video Mapper. We are very grateful Michael is on board.
  • D. Seymour
    D. Seymour Production & Stage Management
    The one and only Seymour is at the helm of running our complicated stage set up. We are in really really good hands.
  • Cody Kosinski
    Cody Kosinski Scenic Build, Technical Direction
    The show could not be done without Cody. His talents range from scenic builder to lighting design to technical direction. Cody's multiple talents are integral to the success of this production.
  • James Wallace
    James Wallace Choreographer
    We are very excited to be working with James Wallace as he is an incredible choreographer! We are so pleased to have his contribution on this show.
  • Mollie Bell
    Mollie Bell Graphic & Web Design
    Mollie designs and updates our website as well as handling graphic design projects for NU·TOPIA
  • Gordon Wilder
    Gordon Wilder Sound Design
    More than Sound Designer, Gordon is the top of the heap in his profession. We are very grateful to have his talents on our production.
  • Jesse Monsalve
    Jesse Monsalve Video Creation & Editing
    Jesse is a true creative at heart, knows his own mind and heart and is a wiz with video, We could not be more grateful for his talents!
  • Analii Cunningham
    Analii Cunningham Costume Design
    Analii has had many lives and loves. She understands the human body in space and time which makes her hand at costuming sublime. Analii, we salute you!
  • Thang Khan Sian Khai
    Thang Khan Sian Khai Graphic & Web Design, Video Creation
    Sian Khai has worked hard to aquire his skills with web, video and graphic design. We think his skills speak for themselves! Thanks Sian Khai!
  • Ahaan Anmol Jain
    Ahaan Anmol Jain Social Media
    Ahaan is our social media wizard! He manages Nu.Topia's Instagram and Facebook page.
  • Jett Jackson
    Jett Jackson Original Artwork
    Jett is a fine artist with too many credentials to name. She is also one of Loren's closest friends, hence, being roped into creating the artwork for our Skeleton Crew costumes. Thanks Jett!
  • Tom Ward
    Tom Ward Lotus Design
    There is only one man to be trusted with the lotus design, the capstone of this production. Tom Ward has designed many amazing things in his life but we think this one is his best!


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