Take No Thought

During these uncertain times it is very important to remain balanced, solid, steady and completely dedicated to thinking for yourself in ALL cases! The time has come to de-program if we are to [...]

The Number 17

Everything Lucifer and Satan have done is to deceive the true Children of the Father, by setting up an antichrist program called confusion, and it has worked like a charm for a very long time. [...]

Harvest is Near

Not sure what to say here but it is important. Father/Mother/Christ are standing by for our arrival but we must be surrendered into our state of grace and faith. The time has come for our [...]

How to Pray

This is the best information I have found / heard of how to pray in a way the generates the desired manifestation. Number 1- Introduction: Tell the matrix, the Mighty I AM Presence what you are [...]

Victory of the Light

So the Q- will it ever come? Time seems to be mercilessly slow when it comes to justice and truth.  It can be so easy to fall into the belief system that we will always be slaves to the elite, [...]

Evil and Freedom

The definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being.  The definition of evil is the destruction of freedom. Everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited value. [...]

Running the Program

There is much hidden behind the curtain, so many secrets in the closet, hidden technologies, magic spells, evil doings…It feels as though there is a some type of program running to keep all [...]

The Age of the Anons

  Finally. A movement one can believe in.  QAnon has given me hope that maybe just maybe the dark really is scattering for the corners and is no longer in complete and utter control of this [...]

The Octopus’ Arms

I had a serious sinking feeling the other night.  I realized that the Cabal, the Octopus, the Nefarious Enemy of all heart based humans is much stronger than I realized.  I have known about the [...]

My Dream of Yoko

My Dream of Yoko I share a birthday with John Lennon, along with half of the known universe as it turns out, and due to this gift I have followed him with great interest over the years trying to [...]

Everything is good news

Everything is good news. Everything is frequency, vibration and energy. It is my job to maintain a high frequency and vibration which will in turn change me on a cellular level and my dreams will [...]

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