When the Truth is Found to be Lies

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Yes, White Rabbit! We heard you then and we hear you now.  Well, maybe not all of us, only the cool people.


Have you heard the term “through the looking glass”? When one looks though the looking glass he sees a reflection of himself, his world, (his beliefs…?) What if people we encounter are also regarded as mirrors. These mirrors might include insight into our state of mind, state of health, state of conscious understanding.

What if one of the mirrors we are dealing with collectively is Donald Trump?  Could this explain one side as anti-social and hate filled and the other thriving and abundant?  Is that too black and white?

The awakening is coming faster and faster now and we will be needed to help explain what happened…what we forgot.  Our cosmic connection, our responsibility to ourselves and or peaceful/open/truth seeking state of hearts and minds.  Without this profound sense of duty to oneself…thus showing up for yourself and everyone else proves that you are the ultimate team player. You really do desire a better planet for all and not just your party.

I find it offensive that folks can tolerate advocating for open hostility towards one group pr another.  In the past this group was the black population.  Now it is the MAGA crowd.  Unfortunate that the same consciousness still exists on our planet! Ask yourself, do I approve of such actions because I despise MAGA more than violence? You might be anti-Christ consciousness.  Christ consciousness looks for the good, finds the love and acceptance there, trusts God for guidance and serenity.

The important thing here is to seek the truth. It shows itself in ways we might not expect. What happens when our beliefs are proved to be myth? What happens when what we hold as dear is shown to be poison? Whatever might come our way the important thing is to remain non-judgmental (near impossible I know) and stay in forgiveness. All is One no matter how ugly it seems, it is YOU.



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