Victory of the Light

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So the Q- will it ever come? Time seems to be mercilessly slow when it comes to justice and truth.  It can be so easy to fall into the belief system that we will always be slaves to the elite, that justice in this world is skewed to favor those that belong to the super special secret sauce club of Rome,  Skull and Bones,  Pedo Island, Trilateral Commission…you know the gang, the ones who run it all and then blame you and me for how it is all turning into shit salad and going south!  How dare you phlebs (deplorables?) spew co2 from the car we have created for you to drive and that also makes us rich!

Ah- the solution to this madness is so easy but we don’t want to know.  We are convinced (programmed? hypnotized?) into believing everything the main stream propoganda tells us.  Epstein killed himself! Climate change is man made! Hillary is a saint! Gawd- really? The awakening is here but it is excruciatingly slow in coming.  I guess if we woke up to quickly we would get a migraine or something. All is divine timing they say and if that is the case (which I suspect it is) we will just have to do our due diligence until the timing is right and these crooked lines are made straight.

Gratefully it the change IS coming.  It is written in the stars and the cosmic timetable is right on schedule. Light is increasing on the planet and the rats are beginning to scatter for the dark corners that may still shelter them.  What do we do, you and I, the normal folks? All we need to do is keep our calm, joyful, loving, peaceful selves out in front of those that refuse to look at the (now obvious) corrupt system and help them accept that it must end, pass away and be replaced by something new.  Of course, this is not easy.  Jut when one thinks that the tide is turning the dark rises up to again take the day with a shooting or a fire. We must be good soldiers in this war of all wars and keep the good thought; Hold the Vision! Keep the Faith!

The victory of the light is certain but we must play our part in bringing it into fruition by remembering who we really are.  Do you know?


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