The Trouble with Bulldog the Bull God

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We are hard at work here in the studio creating NU.TOPIA and my job is to keep all the cogs turning with my brilliant (!) ideas. I have Jesse and Sian Khai building videos at my bequest and if I don’t have the big ideas, well, things kind of STOP. So it’s a good thing if the ideas keep flowing.

This seems to be the quandary I find myself in.  I know what I want to say but I cannot find a way to say it!  The issues I am dealing with here are deep and esoteric. Not everyone  has the vocabulary of symbolism (very few in fact would have) to relate to the process or expression that is essential to the main theme I hope to relate.  So I struggle.

Hey Bulldog is the song I find myself really having an issue with.  I know clearly why I have chosen it and what I hope to relay with it BUT- it’s deep and might be misread as overly religious or something if I continue down the road I have chosen to go with it.  Bulldog to me is not about the dog at all but the Bull God is what is being sung about.  The Bull God in myth is really me and you, we are Taurus, the flesh inhabited by the cosmic mind.  And our Bulldog, poor thing, is so caught up in the fleshly things of life like survival or day to day living that the greater theme of life gets lost in the repetition of our living it.

I have a pyramid chosen as the background for the song and my Skeleton Crew will be dancing it.  The pyramid in this production and in myth represents the mind and the skull. Thought is, can the skull/mind be trying to communicate with the lower mind “You Can Talk to Me” ?  How can I get this idea across?  I have images of people praying and soaring cathedral interiors. (Cathedrals and churches are representations of the mind as well).  These images work for me- BUT will they work for you, Joe Public?




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