Take No Thought

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During these uncertain times it is very important to remain balanced, solid, steady and completely dedicated to thinking for yourself in ALL cases! The time has come to de-program if we are to have a society which functions and works with the Natural E.  A society that functions as God intended it to function, without worry, without stress, without care.

Here are some examples of  exhibiting faith that really works. Can you live like this? Can you step away from the fear mongering and the hype and choose to stay in love?  Today, the hype is enormous and all the elites taking holiday under the cover of “the virus” is a good one too. What about us? What I know is that if you truly belong to the Father you will be invisible to the evil/re-set about to begin.

When one Takes No Thought one steps into a space of protection, light and guidance of the light  To stay as mindful as possible please meditate daily, hourly! This will cleanse our minds of all the consuming we have done over the years. It also is the means to identify and heal your relationship to ALL of life.  The Lord did not have in mind a world where we created so much STUFF and we use this STUFF to replace our relationship with the Greater ALL. Therefore we are always wanting because only the Greater can fill that particular void.  Detach from stuff, the news, the outcome and trust.

Meditate, trust, replace worry with faith.

It’s Easy.  All You Need Is Love. 

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