Paying Attention to the Outer

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I wish I was more obedient to the Mighty I AM Presence.  The Presence tells me to pay no attention to the outer world. to stay faithful to the reality of my eternal flame, to the idea that the light is coming, that this is what it looks like to be in the age of the harvest, of the changing of the cosmic season from Pisces to Aquarius.

What it looks like is a giant vat of shit in every way shape and form.  Medicine, politics, religions,  education, technology…All deeply flawed to the point of no return-or so it seems!  There is no truth, no culture of care, no consensus of morals, values or borders.

How do we live in such a pressurized society?  I stopped drinking but I can see how that is away to cope with the stress of it.  I stopped drugs but I understand the relief one would find there. I do some exercise and play with my pets, meditate, am blessed to have a great job and family.  Is it enough? If so why am I often on the verge of tears and easy to anger?

If I was more obedient to the Mighty I AM and would remember myself in that regard, I would have no fear of what this world brings. It brings an experience that is all.  The experience in my dreams is showing up as huge waves with crippling force and might.  They crash and roar and are not regular but sideways, twisted and  overwhelmingly huge.  Once caught in the wave though, I am gently set aside and not crushed, maimed or drowned.  It’s a dream right?  Lots of Big Water.

I may be dreaming of a tsunami, but many others are sleep-waking through the flood.  The destruction of their liberty is accepted because they are too lazy to pay attention to the orchestration of terrorism, shootings, black ops, secret societies, and many groups that are working behind the scenes to destroy our lives and our children’s lives.  No wonder I have dreams of giant water.  I am drowning in this world of no truth.

I am one of the lucky ones though.  I know the Mighty I Am Presence is in control. I know where I am in space and time. I know this era is going to look a lot darker before it looks light.  I know we need to choose the light at every turn and  be strong in the face of evil.  I know I need to be obedient and forget the news, the bank account, the lack of honesty and try to enjoy, in fact create joy, every day. So despite the darkness I will bring light. Even if I bring it through my tears of big water.

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