It’s a Rock-N-Roll show about Meditation

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It’s a Rock n Roll show about meditation.

It is my role to HOLD THE VISION KEEP THE FAITH and this performance helps the bottom line of the vision and renews faith.

The VISION is we are “free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, free at last” as said by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The war is on for your mind” as said by Alex Jones-!

So the advice from the universe is as follows to bring the Victory of the Light;

Our thoughts in the collective, make them peaceful

Our actions in the collective, make them pure

Our creation in the collective, let it be light

Reach for the highest good instead of an ideological precept

Let your thoughts be on the light but know that you are in a fight for the good

The fight is here, we must be on guard in our minds

Do not allow the evil to touch you. Strive for purity in thought and consumption.  Meditate.

Know that we are one and no matter how ugly it seems, if we know our divine self, we can heal it.

Hold the vision Keep the faith

Importance of realizing we are in an information and spiritual war.

Cry for happiness more than for sadness.

Feel your insides expand with more space for love, understanding and wisdom.

Free energy is here on the planet, can we be peaceful enough to receive it?

If you are challenged in life, you are being tested.


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