How to Pray

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This is the best information I have found / heard of how to pray in a way the generates the desired manifestation.

Number 1- Introduction: Tell the matrix, the Mighty I AM Presence what you are about to do.  “This is a prayer for Nu.topia, the production that delivers an energetic boost to all who see and hear it.

Number 2- Work: Body of where work is performed.  This part of the prayer is said in present tense, gratefully and in appreciation of the prayer already being accomplished.  Feel this part of the prayer in your body.  “Thank you for the support and resources that have brought Nutopia into the public realm where it can be enjoyed and shared with so many people who need the message of hope and love as delivered by The Beatles to assist in changing all of us and our world. Thank you for the beauty of the production, its use of new technology and its use of the most heart felt music on the planet to change our minds and hearts about how to change our collective experience for the betterment of all.”

Number 3-Closure: Already accomplished. “I seal this prayer in trust, in faith and in truth.”

The feeling based prayer is a language the matrix understands and makes a greater imprint on the field than a prayer full of words without the present appreciative tense and feeling associated with the accomplished desire.  Hope this helps you pray more!


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