Fear and The Mockingbird Media

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I wrote here yesterday that I was rather despondent about the state of the world and frankly, was feeling overwhelmed by the sheer madness that goes along with being in a world without truth.  It is literally driving us all mad that we have no truth!  This state is caused chiefly by our press that has a rather transparent bias and obvious handlers that want certain items to top the news of the day.  This is what has been commonly called “The mockingbird press”

If you have never heard one of those compilation videos where various (thirty?) news stations from your local channel to the national MSM say the exact same phrase, then here is a link to enlighten you.  The control of the media is one of those things we have a tendency to argue about.  Some think that the media is still the free press and a government watchdog organization.  Others know through research and observation that it is owned by some sort of cabal that uses it to deceive, destroy and plant fear into our collective culture.

If you had not heard that Trump is racist, misogynist, homophobic idiot from the press everyday for the past two years would it still be true? How many of us thought these awful things about him before he entered the political arena?  If the press had been giving us the truth about our situation we would see that he is a decent man that is far and away more productive in terms if creating peace, wealth and security than his predecessors.  But I digress, I am not here to talk about Trump or politics.  I want to discuss how fear can paralyze momentum and  enjoyment of the life we are living.

Why is it so hard for us to maintain equilibrium in our present culture? It is because of the fear that is pumped into our collective psyche day in day out.  We are constantly on guard for a financial crash, a shooting in a public place, N. Korea and Iran with their nukes, both parties threatening all sorts of things that will befall us if we don’t vote properly.  Social Security (a mere pittance of a life’s work btw), gas prices, GMO food, water pollution…lord have mercy! We all must be under enormous stress to handle the information overload.  Then of course to realize that a large part of it dis-info or hate-info or fear-producing-info.  How does one cope?

What I was reminded of today by the Mighty I AM Presence is that we need to choose silence for a time to reset ourselves. Choose laying down all thought to the cosmic energy that will replenish and renew.  Tithe your thoughts in meditation and allow the Universe to sooth your frantic pace, thoughts, life.  When you re-enter the fray be mindful, test the truth of what you are hearing, do your own research, do not trust any source unless it can be verified by others. Stay in the game by paying attention to how you are manipulated and played each day. Only then will we begin to see clearly and take our spirits back.


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