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Everything is good news. Everything is frequency, vibration and energy. It is my job to maintain a high frequency and vibration which will in turn change me on a cellular level and my dreams will be made manifest. So this is super good news because if my dream is made manifest we will have finally seated a sustainable unlimited natural universal power on the planet for all to use and enjoy!

The triangle is the best way to determine if my body mind and spirit are agreeing on any manifestation. This triangle is comprised of Love, Wisdom and Power. There must be self-love in huge degrees for each person to be a contributing member of a just society. As one love’s oneself their love of others increases also. Things always develop inside first before the outer manifestation is seen. Wisdom is the balance and the poise to seek the truth in all instances, to listen from within to know the reality of the without. Power is the individual sovereign nature of all sending back their use of the God force to either help one another in love or destroy one another in hate.

The Temenos Project presents through the synergy of art, science and philosophy a gateway to new modes of thinking, energy and self-realization. Mainly, the realization that if each of us we would only quiet the mind to allow the greater mind to establish a stronghold, we would easily overcome the chaos and disfunction we experience on a world-wide scale today.

The perceived hierarchy between art, science and philosophy has divided humanity into groups and subgroups of belief. These beliefs separate us one from another thus allowing for cultures that regard dysfunction as the status quo. Unfortunately, our current society seems so upside down to heal this mess would indeed take a miracle. In that regard we do not understand the power of our mind and our belief systems, our quantum universe. But truth be told, this whole experience may be in my head only!

Getting down to it- there is either Love or Fear. It’s time for mankind to make a conscious choice to examine our beliefs and how these might be influencing our actions.

How does your belief serve you? Are you using your power for the good of all or for the good of yourself? Of course, by serving yourself in Love you serve the greater good.

The Temenos provides a form of social capital by providing focus to what a sustainable unlimited natural universal power could do to change the current status of fractured social conditions and belief systems. (see Energy)

So here is what I am discovering. I am my own Yogini and I need to allow this truth to permeate my body and I become one with it. As I become my own Yogini I rely less on outside influences to my health and well-being. I take mastery of my body once and for all.

I must stay in communication and gratefulness to the Great I AM presence. As I stay in connection the fires within me stay lit and I am able to speak my truth and follow my muse all day long. My bliss finds me and I find my bliss.

Peace Out. Temenos Now.

My mind needs the clarity of love in the present moment to be discerning and listening and acting as the sage within would have me. Every moment is to better myself and the world. As John Lennon puts it “Dance for Peace, Eat for Peace, do Everything for Peace” Temenos baby! Stay in the vibe of the Temenos.

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