Beatles save the World

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The recent movie Yesterday starts with a worldwide blackout of the light. When the “power”is restored the world no longer has any memory or any music of The Beatles. The premise of the movie is to show, whether they personally deliver the songs or not, The Beatles music has a massive impact on the world.

The Beatles created songs that are recognized as the highest deliverance of the message of love in the modern era. Can this power be harnessed and directed to establish a peaceful revolution to combat the divisive nature of our society? Revolution, it’s been said, is best achieved under the cover of Art.

John Lennon, the leader of a generation and the voice of the peace movement, was silenced many years ago. This production revives him to speak his truth and awaken us all to our divine nature and universal connections. Sharing his thoughts and musings combined with specific Beatles songs advance a narrative of the importance of self-governance, cosmic consciousness and the concept that changing one’s inner life will change the outer life and accordingly, the world.  A revolution of consciousness is possible, but we must all choose for ourselves.

With great humility and appeals for your forgiveness at the brazen production of this idea; (yes, the Universe supported producing the concept, without permission but the need is great) I present to you a sketch; created to further the peace movement and bring John Lennon back to center stage;

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