The NU·TOPIA Movement: Shorthand for a Revolution of the Mind

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Our mission is to create a new perspective on life and the human condition through a theatrical experience.  The magic of life is found when we re-connect to our divine selves, understanding how our inner workings influence and in fact create our outer reality.

The true revolution in this space and time is the revolution of freeing the mind from controlling narratives and programming.

The ability to think freely, thoughts of peace, love and compassion lead us to freedom and freedom allows us to see our infinite worth. Nn a world that has degraded and played down our inherent worth with each passing use of all the “isms” we are grouped and micro-grouped into this is a refreshing change we can embrace.  Evil challenges the value of people by denying them the opportunity to make their own choices, by denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and understanding.  Much of the understanding we have been denied as a race of humans is about the inner workings of our bodies and the divine design found there.

The mind of man is memorialized by the great pyramid at Giza.  The three chambers relate to the three major ventricles of the brain. The birth of Christ and the anointing is played over again and again, month after month through the sacred secretion from the pineal and pituitary glands resulting in a seed.  This seed travels down our spinal column to be pumped back up to the  brain and the pineal gland.  In (Golgatha – place of the skull) this seed creates new blood by anointing the pineal.  This anointing can be destroyed by anger, over indulgence in sugar, alcohol or sex.  This seed is the key to health and connectedness to our Universe and one another. Yet, have you ever heard of the sacred secretion?  Never in school I would wager.  This one occurrence in our bodies is the key to intelligence, longevity and emotional health. Yet, we have been deprived of knowing this even occurs!

God has told us that HIS Temple is inside of Man.  This Temple is the brain of man.  There are many documents I would like to share here over time that go over the anatomy of the brain and the names of this anatomy being referred to in the Bible.  This is a fascinating study and one that is not common knowledge but should be one of the first things we are taught.  This information changes the way we view ourselves, our Bible and our relationship with God. God is no longer regarded as out there or coming to save me, but inside me, operating through me, experiencing it’s own Mighty I AM Presence through me/it/the ALL.







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