Running the Program

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There is much hidden behind the curtain, so many secrets in the closet, hidden technologies, magic spells, evil doings…It feels as though there is a some type of program running to keep all of this from reaching our collective understanding.  If we the people could see and understand the dark underbelly of our world we could heal it immediately simply from exposing these things to the light of truth.  A good disinfectant, truth.

One one hand I know, better than most, that I must stay in faith and have patience.  That my job is to hold the vision and keep the faith, that the new day is coming and it is always darkest before the dawn.  It seems this moment however, is the darkest of them all.  It seems there is no truth, no justice, no peace.   I am watching California burn, seeing that laws mean nothing to most, borders are just an unfortunate barriers to some “kumbaya” country… I feel very alone in a world gone mad.

As a twitter user I do post occasionally.  Mainly, I post meme’s as every picture tells a story.  I want to help wake folks up to what is going on, to look at the monster under the bed, to see the dark hand that controls so much of our lives but most people do not want to know.  So many would rather stay asleep, live life in the program, go on believing that the black is white and up is down and left is right.  I still hope and post, but it is really an exercise in futility.

It takes personal will to learn the truth.  It takes a strong stomach.  Know that it will make you angry, sick and helpless.  Is there any help for us? If we join together, if we can become the power that the people are there is help.  We can help one another, we can expose the truth, demand justice, demand a new government (it is written into our constitution that we can do this).  Will we do it? Only time will tell, meanwhile I try to find a way to live day to day in hope.  Gratefully I have NUTOPIA, a show about hope and love and humanity.  Join us and become a NUTOPIAN, a sovereign being who believes in our cosmic connection and divine heritage.  Just be it in your heart, thoughts creates.  I remind myself of that constantly, we have to be ever vigilant you know!



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