My Dream of Yoko

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My Dream of Yoko

I share a birthday with John Lennon, along with half of the known universe as it turns out, and due to this gift I have followed him with great interest over the years trying to determine in what ways we may be alike. I believe I have arrived at the answer of our birthday sameness which turns out, has nothing to do with our birthday. John and I are alike in that we have both looked behind the curtain and met with and know the Mighty I AM Presence.

I know from my own experience what John is speaking of when he mentions that he “goes to my own church and my own temple once a day” The idea of “shining” is one reason I began to explore the inner worlds and journey towards knowing the truth of cosmic consciousness. In fact, I have agreed to produce work that helps express and explain the importance of entering this temple, this Temenos, because knowing the Mighty I AM is the one who has thought this stuff up creates in me a feeling that I should honor the idea. In other words, the Cosmic Christ is my imagination. This being said it is not easy for me to overcome my shyness or feelings of not being able to deliver what has been given.

In my dream, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet Yoko Ono. But what in heavens name would I have to say to her?

My dream was of a large ice shelf. The shelf was important and apparently had some use as a full sheet. I fell somehow and burst through the ice thus “breaking the ice” and after that was quickly sent to New York City for a two week stay. During that stay I had a brief meeting with Yoko in which I commiserated with her about John’s death. In fact I remember really crying while squeezing her forearm. Next thing I was in a large room with many round tables- like banquet tables and Yoko was going to be there as guest of honor.

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