Ascension or Reincarnation, Time to Choose!

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Wow. I have really been taking some deep dives lately and have come up with a extra large,  way out version of what is habbening on the planet.

Lucifer/heaven  God/heaven

Satan/earth/ Jesus/earth

polarity in general


All a mix of good and evil- the tree of good and evil -the technology we are stuck in.  Death

Tree of Life-  the true spirit and organic communication with God the Father/Mother (genderless) Eternal Life

Reincarnation – the wheel of fortune, go round and round until the cycle comes to a close then you are either plowed under to go around for another 24832 years in slavery to the Satan energy or you are freed in to Eternal Life.

Jesus transfigured himself in front of Peter, James and John.  He transfigured himself? He became a LUMINOUS being.  A HUE- man! Then he told them not to tell anyone about this party trick until he raised himself out of death.

Satan/Lucifer have been the bosses (Princes) of this planet for many many years. My guess is (As George Kavassilis has said) 24,832 years.  The planet was captured by this dark energy after the war in heaven. God threw Satan out of heaven (out of the higher dimensions?) into this lower 3rd dimension.

(To Amend that last statement- I know longer belive that we go round for 24,832 years. In fact, our simulation goes around for only 1080 years as a repetitive awful hell until we wake up to the Mother?Father calling us home. )

(We, the children of light and heirs with Christ have been captured here in some sort of prison planet due to our being captured in sin- we are in hell essentially)

Christ was sent to this lower dimension to crush the reality of death and introduce the truth of eternal life and man’s divine nature…we shall do more than he did remember?  He hacked the system to show us that the God we have been believing on is just a shadow of the TRUE Father/Mother.  The God of this world is violent, jealous and not to be trusted as the yin/yang white/black  is a trap.

So is the cosmic clock coming to the crux point, the harvest, and the Christ consciousness finally arriving on Earth? OR are we ascending to a higher dimension/becoming transfigured like Christ- all those whose names are written in the book.  Both is my guess.

Letting go of our polarity- the technology that has split us apart from ourselves and coming into the wholeness of the statement- My Father and I Are One.


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